Environment & Sustainability

We use only the highest quality Finnish birch plywood, from only PEFC & FSC certified sustainable sources.
Sustainability and ecology is very important to us here at Plywood Print, that's why we have chosen Finnish birch plywood as its specifically grown in managed forests for wood production. So you know you are not contributing to deforestation, only sustainability when you buy a Plywood Print.


We have our plywood specially made to order for us! The manufacturers are less than 300km from our studio. Our close proximity to the source of the wood means the carbon footprint of every print is the smallest possible. Our materials have not been travelling all around the world to get to us. We cut up the sheets and ensure we create as little waste as possible. Once the print is complete its sent out locally within Finland or jumps on a plane at the our local airport to happy customers all over Europe.


Each m3 of Plywood contains equivalent of around 1000kg of stored Co2. So simply put a Plywood Print is a block of solid Co2 that has been taken out of the atmosphere and is now being stored on your wall and not being released back into the environment causing problems for us humans.