A Plywood Print may just be two things, wood and ink, but a lot of work goes into making each Plywood Print to be as perfect as possible. 

We start with the highest quality Finnish birch plywood, that has been chosen for its even and bright colour to make your photos as vibrant and true to life as possible.
Next we cut the wood down to size and hand finish all the surfaces to ensure it’s perfect, no cracks, no chips, no discolourations.
Then we fit our special hanging bracket in the back of the print (apart from Ultra Thin prints) and clean all surfaces from dust so that they’re ready for printing.
We print directly to the surface of the wood with UV curable inks; no horrible solvents here!

Once complete, every print is checked to ensure the colours are perfect. Then it’s wrapped and sent out to make someone very happy.



We have spent years developing our unique online system to allow you to create the most amazing Plywood Prints easily and quickly.

Choose your size & print type
Upload & edit photo online
Receive your Plywood Print within 2-5 days

Three types of Plywood Prints


Printing on wood makes your photos completely unique, and we have three different types of prints to make your photos even more special and fit into any interior.

Original Plywood Print

Our Original Plywood Prints are printed without any white ink. This means any light or white areas in your images retain more of the wood’s natural colour and allow the beautiful patterns of the wood to show through. The lighter the photo the more the wood will show. Because of the natural tone of birch wood, this will add some warmth to your photos.

Bright White Plywood Print

Our Bright White Plywood Prints are for those who love the texture and patterns of natural wood but wants the colours in their photos to be the same as traditional printing on paper. First we print a layer of pure white ink directly to the surface of the wood. This is perfect for dark or lower contrast photos, or even when you just really want the image to pop!

Ultra Thin Plywood Print

Our Ultra Thin Plywood Prints are printed on our very special 1mm Finnish birch plywood, so light that you can simply attach to your wall with tape or fit inside a standard picture frame. Printed without any white ink like our Original Plywood Print, but with a 1cm clear border to perfectly frames your print and shows off the natural wood.