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How soon will I receive my order?
All orders are completed within 3 days. Delivery anywhere in Europe is 1-2 days.
What kind of photos look best printed on wood?
Bright, more vivid colours always look best. Lighter images allow more of the wood to show through. Please see our printing guide page for more information.
What file format do you accept?
Our online ordering system accepts .jpg .bmp .tiff and .png. We can print all other file types as well but you would need to make the order through email.
What quality image should I use?
The higher the quality of the image, the higher the quality of the print! We advise over 150dpi, but we can print up to 600dpi. Read our full printing guide
Can I use photos from Facebook / Instagram?
Yes, but do remember that when you upload a photo to these sites they compress your images a lot. For this reason it would be better to use the original image which, even with an outdated smartphone can be 5 times better quality!
How will my image change when printed on wood?
It will look better! Printing on wood makes every photo unique, as it allows the natural colour and texture to show through. Please see our printing guide page for more information.
How do I hang my Plywood Print?
All Original and Bright White Plywood Prints, come with a special built in hanger hidden in the back of the print. This allows you to easily hang it on a small screw or nail in the wall and it will hang perfectly flat against the wall. Ultra Thin Plywood Prints are so light they can be held up with tape or sticky pad, or even placed in a standard picture frame.
How do I take care of the Plywood Print?
Very simply! Take a dry brush or lint free cloth and simply wipe the surface of any dust. A damp cloth is also safe to use, but please no chemicals.
Are Plywood Prints suitable for wet/humid conditions?
Our Plywood Prints are only suitable for indoor use with normal humidity levels. If you would like to use yours outside or in wet rooms like bathrooms, we can add a waterproof layer. Just email us before making the order, and request the additional price.
Can I collect my order?
Yes! You’re always welcome to visit our studio in Helsinki and collect your order (just select free collection at checkout). We are currently open Mon-Thu 9-17.
Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to all countries inside the EU. For delivery within Finland we use Posti and for those outside Finland we use DHL Express.
Does my delivery have tracking?
Yes all orders have tracking through Posti (within Finland) or DHL for the rest of Europe.
My order was damaged when it arrived, what do I do?
Simply send us an email with a photo of the damaged item and your order details. We will arrange a reprint and ship it to you without any additional cost. For larger prints, we ask that you return the damaged item using the packaging and label shipped with your new Plywood Print.
What is your return Policy?
We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your print we will either reprint it for free or give a full refund for orders returned to us at your own cost within 14 days. *Excluding Plywood Cards orders.
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