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Printing Guide

Our system accepts the most common image formats: .jpg, jpeg, png, tiff. 
For best results the image should be sRGB colour format ( which is standard for all digital photography cameras )

There is no need to adjust print size before uploading as our system will automatically crop and render each image at the correct resolution for printing at 300dpi. 

Do pay attention to the online preview when ordering, if your image is a different image ratio than 2:3 it will crop the image. 

Photos directly from your camera or smartphone will have the best resolution, If you copy photos from social media the photos have been compressed and normally have poor resolution. We always advise to start with the original images to be sure. 

Even older generation smartphones can produce high enough quality images for our larger print sizes. It is normally the amount of light when the photo is taken that affects the quality of the photo more. 

For the best results we suggest using bright well lit or exterior, day time images that have a high contrast range. 

All printed photos will look darker than they appear on a computer or phone screen due to the backlight of the digital screen. This is the same for printing on wood, so we suggest reducing the brightness of your screen to 50% for a more accurate representation of what you photos would look like when printed. 
When printing on wood, white or very light parts of the image will show the natural beautiful colour of the wood surface ( This does not include Bright white Plywood Prints). This will make images appear slightly darker as well. 
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